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Motion Control System Offers Multi-Axis Contouring Capabilities

The SmartMotors line of motion control systems now provides multi-axis contouring capabilities. The units combine servomotor, controller, amplifier, encoder and PLC technologies into a totally integrated motion-control system that is claimed to deliver higher reliability, a smaller footprint, and a simpler field service requirements than comparable products. With the contouring capability, an RS-485 network of servomoters can perform motion profiles as complex as multi-axis splines or as simple as circular and linear interpolation. Using CAD and G-Code host interfaces in conjunction with a laptop PC and three SmartMotors provides a complete three-axis CNC control system on the back of a machine. The contouring function employs PC-resident drivers, which are used by the company's host interfaces and are available to OEMs. The interfaces are compatible with Visual Basic and other tools. Host-level programs to support the contouring capability range from free to $985.


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