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Motion Control Tools Team With LabVIEW

Promising to simplify the design of multi-axis drives using servo and stepper motors, the Copley Motion Objects (CMOs) library works with LabVIEW graphical programming software to eliminate the need for creating low-level code to control a network of intelligent drives. The CMOs rely on the CANopen network to perform distributed motion control, and they automatically perform trajectory generation, network management, and CANopen message formatting. When paired with the company's CANopen amplifiers, CMOs provide control of up to 127 axes on one network. For applications requiring contouring, an interpolated position mode allows users to generate complex paths with multiple axes of servo or stepper drives. User software then generates a series of points representing position, velocity, and time that are then sent to the CANopen drives via CMOs where they connect via polynomial interpolation firmware to generate multi-axis motion that is synchronized between all drives in a linkage group. For more details, call COPLEY CONTROLS CORP., Canton, MA. (781) 828-8090.


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