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Motion Controller Eases Stepper Motor Integration

Adding to the Navigator family of motion controllers, the MC2500 is designed specifically for stepping motors. With a speed of 5 Mpulses/s, programmable pulse and direction output, end-user selectable profiling modes, the new device is claimed to be ideal for applications such as medical automation, materials handling, test equipment, and robotics. The device provides multiple break points per axis and accepts feedback from an incremental encoder, up to 5 Mcounts/s, or from an absolute encoder or resolver at up to 160 Mcounts/s. Input signals include two limit switches, home indicator, and a general-purpose programmable input per axis. One general-purpose programmable output signal is also provided for each axis. Prices start at $46 in OEM quantities and a development kit is offered for $995.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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