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Motion Controller Handles Demanding Industrial Apps

Motion Controller Handles Demanding Industrial Apps

Addressing the rigorous requirements of industrial designs, the latest family of the SPiiPlus EtherCAT motion controllers provide up to 32 axes and soon up to 64 axes. The SPiiPlus EtherCAT Master enables users to link together up to 32 axes of drives and the company’s I/O modules as well as third party modules complying with the CANOpen Over EtherCAT (CoE) protocol. All axes on the EtherCAT network synchronize to a 20-kHz sampling and servo update rate with a time jitter of less than 0.1 µs. A software development suite with tools for motion programming, an eight-channel scope with data logging, system setup configuration, and graphical servo analysis comes with all EtherCAT products. ACS MOTION CONTROL, Eden Prairie, MN. (763) 559-7669.

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