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Motion Controllers Integrate Ethernet To Simplify System Wiring

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Designed to reduce the extensive wiring required for central or bus-based control systems, the E-Series motion controllers incorporate Ethernet technology to achieve distributed control. Linking several controllers together via Ethernet is said to allow the controllers to be placed adjacent to motors and I/O signals, thereby reducing wiring complexity. Because a single controller acts as the master or virtual central controller, programming is also simplified.
The DMC-3425, the first member of the series, controls two servo motors and provides ECAM, gearing and both linear and circular interpolation for coordinated motion along the two local axes. Standard features include non-volatile program memory, variables and arrays, multitasking, and PID filtering with notch and feed forward parameters.
Input and output features include three digital inputs and outputs, two analog inputs, I/O expansion to 64 points, forward and reverse limits, and a home input. Price for the DMC-3425 is $445 each/100.

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