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Motion Modules Promise Precise Control

Providing a complete, all-digital motion-control solution, the SPiiPlus HP Series motion-control modules includes PC-based, stand-alone, or rack-mount multi-axis controllers that support servo or stepper motors and HSSI-networked servo drives. The series also features multi-axis controllers with up to eight integrated digital drives that support direct-connected servomotors, direct-connected steppers, and HSSI-networked servo drives. The series offers a 20-kHz update rate for all controlled loops, providing a wide bandwidth while delivering reliable dynamic tracking, smooth settling at low and high velocities, and sub-nanometer position interpolation of sine-cosine encoder feedback. Also, adjustable PIV control algorithms and filters are customizable to address special needs. The modules' software environment includes an extensive tool suite providing easy setup, tuning, programming, and application simulation. The PLC Open-compliant control software supports IEC61131-3 programming and allows the use of any of the five languages in addition to ACSPL+. ACS MOTION CONTROL, Plymouth, MN. (800) 545-2980.


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