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Motion Processor Is For Multi-Axis Brushed Servos

Available in one, two and four axis configurations, Navigator MC2100 Series of brushed servo motion processors consists of a 132-pin processor and a 100-pin logic device that off-load resource-intensive motion control functions from the application's host processor. The instruction set supports more than 130 commands and offers flexibility and versatility during application programming. The MC2100 supports brushed servo motors and has a pre-programmed PID filter. Trace capabilities provide designers with on-the-fly data storage for analyzing system performance, tuning servo filters, and performing maintenance and diagnostics. User-selectable profiling modes supported by the motion processor include S-curve, trapezoidal, velocity contouring and electronic gearing. The MC2100 series accepts input parameters such as position, velocity and acceleration from the host and generates a corresponding trajectory. Multiple breakpoints per axis offer precise sequencing and control of events by the applications program. The motion processor accepts feedback from an incremental encoder at 5 Mcounts/s or from an absolute encoder or resolver at 160 Mcounts/s. Each axis supports 16-bit DAC or 10-bit, 20-kHz PWM compatible with output signals.


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