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Motor µC Minimizes Software Complexity & Processor Overhead

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Based on a 8/16-bit core with a register-based architecture well-suited to real-time control applications, ST92141 µC is designed to simplify the control of 3-phase induction motors, such as are used in air conditions, industrial applications, and washing machines and other home appliances. To help it achieve these goals, the new chip employs a dedicated Induction Motor Control (IMC) peripheral cell that minimizes software complexity and processor overhead. The cell’s 25-MHz operating frequency allows switching frequency above the audible frequency range, while a dedicated tacho-generator input and six PWM outputs (high and low side outputs for each of the three phases) reportedly greatly reduces the external interface components required. ST9241 motor controller includes an SPI serial interface for high-speed communications and comes in EPROM, OTP and ROM versions and in SDIP32 and SO34 packages, with up to 16K of ROM and 512 bytes of RAM.

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