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Motor Controller Chip Performs Linear Ramping

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With output pulse rates of up to 4 MHz with linear ramping and 2.5 MHz with parabolic ramping (S curve), X3203A motor controller IC is pin-for-pin compatible with existing X3201 and X3202 devices. The device communicates with the host processor via an 8-bit bus using a powerful instruction set that lets the host initiate a move profile and then go on to other tasks. It provides motion control, including index-on-the-fly. Other features include: quadrature encoder input with 24/32 bits switchable resolution; independent programmable acceleration and deceleration ramps; 16 million steps per move or continuous pulse output; six limit inputs (two end limits, two slow down limits, one origin input and one encoder Z phase input), as well as emergency stop input; two encoder channels; and linear interpolation divider (multi-axis linear interpolation).

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