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Motor Starters Have Built-In Protection

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With integrated motor protection, the INTERBUS IBS IP 500 family of motor starters offers IP54 environmental protection for placement directly on the process line to eliminate costly enclosures. Direct-on-line and soft-start configurations are available with control for three-phase asynchronous motors up to 7.5 hp at 480 vac. Motors can be controlled locally or via INTERBUS. Motor starters come in configurations designed to control one or two motors in reversing or dual-speed modes. The high-speed switching modules provide real-time monitoring of diagnostic and status information and improve system throughput via distributed intelligence. Implementation of integration saves up to 80% in material and installation costs. INTERBUS is an open-system approach to a high-performance distributed device network for manufacturing applications, and the efficiency of the INTERBUS protocol is well-suited for modern high-speed requirements supported by more than 1000 third-party manufacturers worldwide.

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