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Motor Supports 1,000-Pound Loads

Motor Supports 1,000-Pound Loads

Capable of supporting axially translated loads of 1,000 lbs., the Model DIP43-32-HPZA frameless, high-torque density motor measures 4.3” in diameter and 3.2” in axial length.  This rotor/stator part set, or frameless configuration, allows the motor rotor to be directly coupled to the load, resulting in better operating efficiencies, reduced parts count, and a small package size. Other features include high-energy, rare-earth magnets to achieve exceptional torque stability at operating-temperature extremes, thermal sensors embedded in the motor windings to supply temperature data to an external fault/health monitoring system, and a stainless steel sleeve that encases the permanent magnets for added structural support and security. For more details, call BEI KIMCO MAGNETICS, Vista, CA. (800) 572-7560.


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