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Motorized Actuator Makes Automation a Snap

The newest member of the company’s APT (advanced positioning technology) line is a USB-based motorized actuator system. The system includes stepper motor actuators, a combined drive/controller unit and application-ready software, all designed to be easy to set up and run. Actuators come in standard and high-load versions with either a 12 mm or 25 mm travel range. All have non-rotating spindles to reduce contact-point friction. The actuator has been designed as a drop-in replacement for most manual micrometer heads and, for automation applications, includes a home switch. Each APT controller runs two actuators, but can control up to 20 actuators from a single host computer through its USB connection. Other features include a bank of optically coupled user I/O signals for use with external applications, trigger input/outputs for synchronizing multiple controllers, and separate manual override buttons for emergency shutdown of the actuator. The APT stepper motor controller is suited for both research and production applications in the biomedical, photonics, and semiconductor industries. MELLES GRIOT CORPORATE, Carlsbad, CA. (800) 835-2626.


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