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Motorola To Develop Mobile WiMAX Chip sets

Motorola recently announced an initiative to develop mobile WiMAX chip sets for use in its next-generation WiMAX devices.

The initial chip set will focus on core 802.16e mobile WiMAX functionality supporting voice, video, and data for low-power mobile applications in handsets and modules. The first chipsets are scheduled to support commercial Motorola WiMAX devices in 2008 for carriers in North America, Japan, and around the world, including Sprint and others. Motorola is working with its silicon vendors on the overall fabrication of the new chip sets.

A spokesperson for Motorola said that Sprint Nextel’s ability to offer customers a nationwide mobile data network depends in part on broad availability of mobile WiMAX-enabled chip sets. The company announced last month that it would support Sprint Nextel’s nationwide WiMAX network buildout.

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