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Motor/Pot Combo Takes On Industrial And Medical Chores

Designed for a variety of industrial and medical applications, the companyÕs miniature motor and potentiometer combination consists of a precision pot and a dc gearhead. The motor measures 0.315" in diameter and the potentiometer 0.675" in diameter.Potentiometer resistance is 5 k½ with a 340û electrical angle and 0.5% linearity. Custom potentiometer specifications include resistance from 1 k½ to 30 k½ with varying angles and linearity. Potentiometer reliability is stated at 100 million cycles. Motors are available for 3V, 6V and 8V operation with gearhead reductions from 4:1 to 4,096:1. Depending on specifications, single-unit price is $295. JDK CONTROLS, Grass Valley, CA. (530) 273-4608.


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