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Motors Achieve High Precision And Power In Small Package

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Medical equipment, hand tools, disk and tape drives, blowers and fans, robotics, and computer peripherals are among the many markets a new family of small slotless motors intends to address. The motors achieve unparalleled precision accuracy, it is claimed, through the use of slotless stator windings and a unique rotor construction that delivers zero cogging torque and vibration. Made of high-density copper and positioned inside a toothless stator ring, the patented stator winding reduces audible noise and does not create a preferred rotor position. The high-energy rare-earth magnet rotors are said to deliver extremely low magnetic core loss, boosting power and maximizing torque-to-weight ratios. In addition, reduced winding inductance significantly decreases wattage losses in control electronics, allowing for use of less expensive control circuits.The nominal frame sizes for the new slotless motors range from 1.4'' to 5.8'' in diameter, with the motors capable of achieving speeds of up to 50,000 rpm and torque constants to over 600 oz.-in. per amp. For more information, call Karen Russo at EADMOTORS, Dover, NH. (603) 742-3330.

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