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Multi-Axis Controller Eases Demanding Motion Designs

For tricky motion-control applications, SPiiPlus CM series motion-control modules integrate a programmable motion controller, power supply, and up to three digital drives. Each module controls up to eight axes and supports a wide range of motion modes, i.e., point-to-point, jog, segmented, master-slave, and arbitrary path with PVT cubic interpolation. The modules are software configurable for ac servo/dc brushless or dc brush motors. Supply voltages range from single phase 24 Vdc to120 Vdc, 19 Vac to 85 Vac, three phase 230 Vac, or, via a low voltage option, 24 Vdc to 120 Vdc and 19 Vac to 85 Vac. Additionally, the series supports both sine-cosine and high-speed incremental encoders. An optional 4x to 65,536x internal programmable multiplier is available for any axis using sine-cosine feedback. ACS MOTION CONTROL, Plymouth, MN. (800) 545-2980.


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