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Network Interface Modules Allow Remote Motor Configuration

Remote configuration and control are now possible for single-phase ac motor controllers with the S1631XXX (115 V) and SO1731XXX (230 V) network interface modules. These options are part of Anacon Systems' DigiDrive II modular motor-controller series. Members of this group continuously control the speed of 0.10- to 1-hp single-phase induction motors.

One advantage of these new features is that they provide OEMs with increased flexibility. Now, designs of variable-speed single-phase motor controllers can be customized. An RS-232/IrDA interface port makes a motor controller easier to configure. Through an RS-485 port, the motor control can be remotely accessed for configuration and diagnostics. Built-in Anacon emWare network-compatible software makes the units easy to set up and operate. The RS-485 port also allows for software platforms other than emWare to be used. Therefore, real-time remote access is given to motor drive performance, and motor systems can be linked together in a common network. As a result, remote monitoring and readjustment are possible.

Customers can select from four additional signal control ports and a speed-control buffered output port (10 mV/Hz). These add to the 11 configuration functions that are already available.

Sample quantities of the SO1631XrXX DigiDrive II series range upward from $190 each. Unit pricing for quantities of 1000 starts at $90.

Anacon Systems Inc., 1043 Shoreline Blvd., Suite 202, Mountain View, CA 94043; (650) 934-3355; fax: (650) 934-3356; www.anaconsystems.com.

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