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New Tin-Can Steppers Boast Of High Torque Specs

Higher torque at a lower cost than standard step motors are among the claims made for two new tin-can steppers developed for use in products such as printers, medical devices and laboratory instrumentation. The PFC42H and PFC55H motors are 42 mm and 55 mm in diameter, respectively, and generate 8.4 and 22.5 oz.-in. of holding torque, reportedly over 35% more than are generated by standard motors. Unipolar and bipolar windings are available to allow for torque and speed matching to the application. And an enhanced rotor design yields a larger diameter while maintaining the same mechanical package, with the increased diameter providing higher running and holding torque while increasing the rotor's inertia.The new steppers offer a 7.5° step angle, with a ±5% step angle tolerance, and are available for 5V and 12V operation. Their ambient operating temperature range extends from -10°C to 50°C.


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