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Non-Polar, Wet-Slug Capacitors Replace Foil Types In Military Apps

Suitable for replacing MIL-C-39006/2, MIL-C-M39006/04 or MIL-C-39006/17 capacitors, TNP Series non-polar wet tantalum capacitors are QPL listed respective to MIL-PRF-M39006/32 (CLR 82). Capable of replacing foil non-polar caps in various military applications, these rugged, hermetically sealed capacitors provide low DCL, low ESR and long active shelf life. Applications for the capacitors include high ripple voltage bypass circuits, phase splitters for low voltage motors, low frequency tuned circuits, and crossover networks. These non-polar caps also provide high reliability in any circuit subject to reverse voltages. Values range from 3 to 410 µF, and working voltages are 6 to 100 Wvdc at 85°C or 4 to 67 Wvdc at 125°C. The series comes in T1, T2, T3 and T4 case sizes with dimensions ranging from 0.188” x 0.453” to 0.375” x 1.062” with Mylar or Kapton insulating sleeve.


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