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Packaging & Materials: Fan Tray Assemblies Support Up To Nine Fans

Three new fan tray assemblies can handle three, six, and nine fans per tray, putting out a total of more than 100 CFM of cooling per fan. Each assembly has a standard EIA size of 19.00 in by 1U (1.75 in.) notch for panel mounting, with depths of 7.00 to 17.25 in. Fan tray assemblies require no customer assembly and feature UL- and CSA-approved motors for 115-V ac, 60-Hz operation. Six- and nine-tray assemblies offer support-mounting brackets. Colors are standard black finish with an 84-in. long, three-prong power cord and a lighted on-off switch located on the front panel. Available from stock, they range in price from $120.45 to $337.45 each.

Bud Industries Inc.
(440) 946-3200

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