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PCI Motion Control Card Adds Servo Filters

Available in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-axes configurations, the Magellan-PCI motion-control card relies on two bi-quad filters at the PID-loop output that can emulate an array of filters. This approach predicts lower resonance, faster transfers, and smoother motion. The filters produce two polarities of low-pass output and can perform as high-pass, band-pass, and notch filters. The card supports brush and brushless dc motors, as well as micro-stepping and pulse-and-direction motors. It provides servo loop rates up to 50 µs per axis, a quadrature-encoder-input rate up to 5 Mcounts/s, and a pulse-and-direction rate to 5 Mpulses/s. Other features include trajectory generation, servo-loop closure, quadrature-signal input, motor-output generation, servo trace, on-the-fly changes, and commutation. Additionally, users can create motion systems using standard C or C++ programming. Price starts at $638 each in OEM quantities. PERFORMANCE MOTION DEVICES INC., Lincoln, MA. (781) 674-9860.


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