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Phase Line Filters Cut Weight By Up To 50%

The RP300 family of phase power line filters meets all international and domestic safety and conductive requirements. Weighing up to 50% less than competitive models, these filters conform to industry-standard footprints. With a universal input up to 480 V ac, they're ideal for industrial motors, medical equipment, factory automation, welding equipment, and other high-current three-phase applications.

This family's unique filter design doesn't require the use of heavy potting compounds found in all competitive models. Eliminating the potting materials gives the RP300 better thermal characteristics and comparable shock and vibration specifications. In general, performance is enhanced by eliminating the decrease in inductance caused by potting compound constriction on ferrite core.

The RP300 excels in eliminating equipment and mains-borne electromagnetic interferences or "noise." The filters are available in delta or Y configurations in standard 25- to 400-A versions. Custom versions are available up to 800 A. The filters are C-US (CSA.UL) and EN approved for input voltages up to 480 V ac. They also meet most ac input line requirements.

The RP300 25-A version is priced as low as $149 in 50-piece quantities. All versions are available off the shelf. Custom design samples are available in two to four weeks.

Radius Power Inc.
(714) 289-0055; www.radiuspower.com

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