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Piezoelectric Motor Offers Non-Magnet Alternative

Taking a non-magnetic approach to motion control, the PDA130 piezoelectric motor eliminates the EMI/RFI noise concerns associated with conventional linear motors. Measuring just 0.2" in height, the motor can be imbedded in micro-positioning products, such as a positioning table or optics stage, without having an impact on the appearance of the original product.
A patent-pending suspension provides the necessary element pre-load to prevent backlash and to support the piezo crystal drive elements over many cycles without loss of motor characteristics. Using a drive frequency of 130 kHz provides a speed of 250 mm/s and a dynamic resolution of less than 1 µm over several inches. The piezoelectric actuation provides a force output-to-weight ratio of 14:1.
Other features include low inertia, repeatable linear motion with a response time of 6 ms, and a 20% increase in cycle time. An external drive module provides ±10V proportional speed and direction signals.


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