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Planar Encoder Features Miniaturized Electronics

Designed for wire-bonding stages, wafer handling, pick-and-place systems, and planar linear motors, the RGH42 XY planar encoder system features advanced miniaturized electronics. A single friction-free, non-contact read head with proprietary spatial filtering, dirt-tolerant optics reads a 40-µm pitch planar plate to provide high-resolution capabilities and high-speed operation. This design is said to eliminate the need for expensive, fragile diffraction quality planar plates. It is also claimed to improve the accuracy on planar motors with a floating platform by eliminating Abbe' error.
To simplify installation, a patented LED set-up indicator gives a green signal when optimum installation conditions are met. This tri-color LED, green, orange and red, gives continuous indication of signal strength, eliminating the need for a specialized set-up or a test and service kit. Tri-state error indication on the incremental output channels warns of low signal amplitude during operation.

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