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Plug-In Hybrid Circuit Aids In Developing Fieldbus Connectivity Interface

Touted as the first interchangeable hybrid components for DeviceNet, Profibus and Ethernet connectivity, AnyBus-IC plug-in circuit integrates all of the analog and digital functions required to speedily develop a fieldbus interface. And with the hybrid circuit, the space required to build a DeviceNet, Profibus or Ethernet interface into devices such as rotary encoders, barcode readers and sensors is said to be greatly reduced. The device packs a 16-bit µP and flash and RAM for handling the entire fieldbus protocol independently of the application running the AnyBus-IC.The hybrid also has a 42-mm long x 21-mm wide x 15-mm high, 32-pin dual-in-line housing and can be automatically inserted and soldered. It requires only a single 5V/500 mA power supply and can be connected in several different ways. The AnyBus-IC is suitable for both simple processor-less sensors/actuators, as well as for intelligent devices with a separate microcontroller, such as incremental encoders, operating terminals and motor control units.


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