Electronic Design

Pneumatic Servo Dispensing System Delivers Precise Material Volumes

The Pneumatic Servo Dispensing (PSD) system, a positive rod displacement metering system, combines the cost efficiency of a pneumatic drive motor with the controlling accuracy of a servo drive motor. As a result, it provides precise metered volumes, accurate flow control, and consistent bead profiles. The system's pneumatic cylinder and positive displacement meter are lightweight and assembled into a single compact metering module for floor, robot, or pedestal mounting. The PSD is operated by its own PSD Control Panel or via automation integrated controls with dispensing software for a smaller footprint, lower system cost, and one-stop operator control of the entire robotic dispensing system. A complete PSD meter system includes supply pumps and a dispense valve available in Tip-Seal, No-Drip, and Snuf-Bak models. SEALANT EQUIPMENT & ENGINEERING INC., Plymouth, MI. (734) 459-8600.

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