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Popular Gearhead Welcomes Two New Gearmotors

Popular Gearhead Welcomes Two New Gearmotors

The WX gearhead is now available with two 33A permanent magnet DC (PMDC) motors. The WX is a high-torque gearhead that promises longer life and higher performance than similar gearmotors in the same size range. WX gearmotors feature all-steel gear trains and synthetic lubricants, enabling up to 65% more torque than previous models. The steel gearing meets or exceeds AGMA 9 standards and synthetic lubricant improves efficiency, allowing the gearmotors to operate over a wide temperature range. Accessories include a bolt-on adaptor to convert the gearhead to a three-point mounting pattern as well as an L-bracket for flexible mounting and a IP-44 protection kit. Forty-eight stock models feature 12 available gear ratios ranging from 4:1 to 312:1 and output speeds from 658 to 2.9 rpm. BODINE ELECTRIC CO., Chicago, IL. (800) 726-3463.

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