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Power-Control IC Delivers Up To 280% Peak Power

The TinySwitch-PK from Power Integrations lets designers specify transformers rated for continuous power level, reducing overall system size, weight, and cost.

Targeting consumer products that employ seldom-used motors, buzzers, or lights that need extra power for short periods, the TinySwitch-PK integrated power-supply control IC from Power Integrations can deliver up to 280% peak power in short bursts. This capability allows designers to specify transformers rated for the continuous power level, which significantly reduces the size, weight, and cost of designs. Additionally, the IC’s high level of integration and robust feature set enable simple, flexible designs with far fewer components than other discrete and integrated solutions.

The TinySwitch-PK incorporates a 700-V MOSFET alongside low-voltage control circuitry on a monolithic IC. Other features include integrated auto-restart, input undervoltage and output overvoltage protection, hysteretic thermal shutdown, and frequency jittering to minimize electromagnetic interference. The IC also includes selectable current limits, enabling designers to choose any of three current limit values for each family member without any additional IC pins or external components. This enables designers to optimize their power supplies for either maximum efficiency or greatest power output.

The TinySwitch-PK comes in a lead-free, plastic through-hole DIP-8. The RDK-115 reference design kit supports it.


Samples are available now, with production quantities scheduled for the third quarter. The 6-W (12.5-W peak) TNY375P costs $0.65 each in quantities of 1000.


Visit www.powerint.com.

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