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Power FETs Target Automotive Apps

Four new TrenchFET chips, each residing in either a TO-220 and D2PAK package, include both n-channel and p-channel devices and offer what's claimed to be the lowest on-resistance ever recorded for power MOSFETs in the automotive voltage range: 3.5 milliohms for a 40V n-channel device and 8 milliohms for a 55V p-channel device. On-resistance for the n-channel devices is 13% lower than the competing devices, it's claimed, while the p-channel TrenchFETs provide 60% lower on-resistance. The devices are targeted for use in motor control and relay replacement applications in automobiles, where they allow designers to reduce the use of heat sinks and to replace power MOSFETs in larger packages. The n-channel SUP85N04-03 (TO-220) and SUB85N04-03 (D2PAK) offer 3.5-milliohms maximum on-resistance with a 40V breakdown voltage, while the p-channel SUP75P05-08 (TO-220) and SUB75P05-08 (D2PAK) have a maximum rating of 8 milliohms and a breakdown voltage of -55V. Pricing is $2.73 each for the p-channel devices and $2.49 each for the n-channel devices in lots of 10,000.


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