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Power Module Provides Only Necessary Functions

The Flexpak CIB IGBT power module increases efficiency and affordability by allowing the user to select only those functions necessary to their applications. Targeted for use in small motor drives, UPS inverters, power supplies, and general-purpose inverters, the Flexpak CIB IGBT module includes a three-phase converter, three-phase inverter brake, and temperature sensor. With matching ratings from 10A to 50A at 600V and 10A to 25A at 1,200V with on-state voltage VCE as low as 2.1V, the module is encased in a PCB-mountable package and utilizes fourth generation, IGBT chip technology. Customer selectable features include a single or three-phase rectifier bridge, brake circuit, inrush current limiting thyristor, current sensing shunt resistor, and temperature sensor. The only feature not selectable is the three-phase IGBT output inverter. Sample pricing for quantities of 10 will range from $27 to $74 depending on the rating and features requested. For more information, contact POWEREX INC., Youngwood, PA. (800) 451-1415.


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