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Power Relays Comes In Independent, Three-Phase Styles

Targeting the industrial market, the series SQ power relays has four independently-controlled solid-state relays in a standard hockey-puck package, while the series C3P has a three-phase output. The series SQ is intended primarily for heating, motor and process control applications and on/off control of ac equipment. The series C3P is intended for on/off control of ac loads, industrial and process controls, and three-phase 400 Hz aviation applications. Delivering quad output up to 25A/280 Vac, the SQ relays have a tight zero-cross window for low EMI, constant current input for low current draw, and faston terminals. They measure 44.5 x 58 x 19.6 mm, excluding terminals, and weigh 90g. With a three-phase output to 25A/280 Vac and dc control, C3P relays are designed to control medium amounts of power, are housed in high-temperature plastic for mechanical ruggedness, and are designed to offer a low-cost alternative to large metallic three-phase contactors. They measure 81.28 x 27.69 x 8.26 mm and weigh 31g. For both series, optical isolation ensures protection of the control circuit from load transients. Pricing in quantities of 500 is $31 for the SQ and $36 for the C3P. TELEDYNE RELAYS, Hawthorne, CA. (800) 284-7007.


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