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Pre-Driver IC Designed For 3 Phase BLDC Motor Apps

Pre-Driver IC Designed For 3 Phase BLDC Motor Apps

Melexis_0829-AA pre-driver IC from Melexis, the MLX83203, is designed for 3 phase BLDC motor applications with higher efficiency to electromechanical actuation in automotive systems. The microcontroller deploys EEPROM memory, combined bootstrap and charge pump blocks in a standard QFN32 5 x 5 mm package. Driving six 250 nC NFETS up to 25 kHz, the IC keeps 10 V gate voltage down to 7 V battery voltage. A 4.5 V to 28 V operating voltage range, plus bootstrap topology and a charge pump stage, allows for operation of the power stage via standard level NFETs without loss of performance during stop/start conditions. Applications include power steering systems, engine cooling fans, blowers, pumps and drive train position actuators. Additional family members are expected in coming months, including 3 phase BLDC pre-drivers and 2 phase pre-drivers for brushed dc applications. The MLX83203 pre-driver IC is qualified for operation up to 150°C and qualification to 175°C is planned for the near future. Production is planned for Q1 2013, with final samples available now.

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