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Products Promise To Slash Design Time Of Motion Controls

In launching the iMOTION family, a group of products is being introduced that promise to simplify the design of motion controls, as well as to increase the performance and efficiency of these controls. Embracing both hardware and software, the iMOTION family includes: an integrated design platform for sensor-less control of motion; a motion control development system; a linear current-sensing motor and inverter drive chipset; new IGBTs; and a new 16A power module. Targeting permanent magnet motors, the sensor-less control platform is said to provide all of the hardware and software, plus designs, needed to build analog and power stages. The platform is made up of the IRMCS203 development system and IRMCO203 intellectual property (IP) library. The former is based on the company's accelerator configurable control engine and requires only dc bus voltage and phase current information to detect initial rotor position. The IP library consists of licensable object code for delivering high starting torque and smooth ramp-up. The development system and motion control IP library is also available for use in applications such as high-speed spindle motor control. The package includes analog and power stage hardware designs and the tools needed to achieve a design flow, which requires no coding to configure motor control algorithms. It is said to shorten design times from weeks to just days. Targeting the analog stage of iMOTION design platforms, the motor and inverter drive chipset consists of the IR2175 linear current-sensing IC and IR2136 three-phase inverter-driver IC. Touting high bandwidth and integrated protection circuits, the chipset serves as a bridge between the platform's digital control engine and power stage. The two new devices being introduced include IRGIB7B60KD 600V, non-punch-through (NPT) IGBTs and IRAMX16UP60A 16A power module. The IGBTs come co-packaged with ultra-fast, soft-recovery diodes, are housed in a TO-220 fully-isolated package, are used to enhance variable-speed motor drive performance, and cost $0.63 each/10,000. The power module, priced at $10.75 each/10,000, is designed for 750W to 1.2 kW variable speed motor drive applications where it helps simplify designs and conserves energy. The module is said to reduce energy dissipation in electronically-controlled variable speed motors by up to 30%. For more details, contact Joe Engle at INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER CORP., El Segundo, CA. (310) 252-7019.


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