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Program Turns PC Into Motion Control Development System

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A computer running Windows 95 or NT can be transformed into a digital oscilloscope and motion control development system by using MotionObjects, a graphical and integrated application development environment that includes a set of tools for tuning servodrives and servomotors. It complements firm's SP2k series of multi-axis digital positioning brushless servodrive. The development environment consists of tools for editing, compiling, graphing, linking and debugging applications. Additional tools are available for setting up a coordinate system, defining axes, masters and programs within the system. The three main development tools that help program and fine-tune SP2k servodrives are: MotionEditor, a program editor that allows the user to drop in text and edit the text into a usable program; MotionLink, which allows the user to speak directly to the hardware from any Windows-based PC; and MotionScope, a graphics plotting tool that quickly and easily evaluates and optimizes system performance.

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