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Protection Circuitry Suits Magnetic Rotary Encoder For Auto Use

Designed specifically for stringent automotive requirements, the 14-bit AS5163 magnetic rotary encoder IC offers robust device protection. The encoder incorporates both 27-V over-voltage protection and ?18-V reverse-polarity protection at the supply pins. The IC also integrates a short-circuit monitoring function to protect it against damage under short-circuit conditions. This makes the AS5163 well-suited for automotive applications, such as throttle or gas-pedal systems. The encoder’s single-wire pin can be configured either as a 14-bit digital, 12-bit PWM, or ratiometric analog output. Users can also program the IC to cover any system-specific angle range by setting a start and end position for the totational movement. Operating temperature range is ?40°C to 150°C. The AS5163 comes in a small TSSOP 14 package and runs on 5 V. AUSTRIAMICROSYSTEMS, Unterpremstaetten, Austria. (408) 398-9700.



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