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Prox Actuator Extends Inductive Sensing Range

Offered as a solution to increasing the size and inductive power of an inductive prox, the Prox Actuator increases prox target detection range up to 3.8" and uses an inexpensive, small-diameter sensor. The threaded, stainless steel actuator is mounted in the traditional through-hole style so the extended end of its spring-loaded plunger comes in contact with the target. The other end mounts in an anodized aluminum-mounting clamp along with a 4-mm or 8-mm prox sensor, depending on the model. When light contact with the target is made, the plunger is pushed back and its opposite end is detected by the prox. As the target moves away, the spring returns the plunger to its original extended position. The system claims to save money by requiring only a small, inexpensive prox that is now isolated from damage though accidental target contact. BALLUFF INC., Florence, KY. (800) 543-8390.


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