Electronic Design

PrPMC Module Targets New Control Plane Processor

The PrPMC1100 is the first processor PCI mezzanine card (PrPMC) designed for the recently announced Intel IXC1100 control plane processor up to 533 MHz. The module provides a complete host CPU and memory subsystem in a compact, industry-standard form factor. In addition to providing telecom equipment manufacturers with greater design flexibility, the module helps reduce system-development costs. Up to 256 Mbytes of PC133 SDRAM are included, and up to 32 Mbytes of socketed flash memory are available. Debug support is provided via serial and JTAG ports. The PrPMC1100 also includes software support for an extensive control plane development environment.

Motorola Computer Group
www.motorola.com; (800) 759-1107

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