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Public Safety VPN Solution Upgraded For Better Coverage

Multi-Net Mobility, a mobile virtual private network (VPN) solution that delivers secure, seamless connectivity to public safety and government workers, now has two significant improvements. An optimized network switching feature added to the solution's Intelligent Routing suite detects when the user is in an area of overlapping wireless network coverage. If the active network experiences a weaker signal strength, the feature picks up the drop in signal quality and automatically switches to the next available network. Data packets are sent simultaneously during the switchover to minimize data loss. The second feature permits interoperability between Multi-Net Mobility and Motorola's Astro Integrated Voice and Data and the company's High-Performance Data (HPD) systems. With it, users can roam among Astro Integrated Voice and Data, HPD, Motomesh, wireless carriers, and Wi-Fi networks. Users then can create VPNs comprising wide-area and broadband coverage.


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