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Pump Shrinks Without Losing Power

The company’s latest I-Drive electro-magnetically driven pump comes in what is said to be a significantly smaller package without sacrificing power or capacity. Features include over-molded NdFeB magnets, next-generation surface-mount technology, and an enhanced heatsink. The component combines a pump head, brushless dc motor, and an electronic controller into a single unit that provides a pulse-less flow. A 40W or 70W motor drives the pump electro magnetically, eliminating all physical contact with the motor and resulting in no moving parts in the drive unit. The thermal and overload protected electronic controller provides variable speed drive options of 0 to 5 Vdc, a 4 mA to 20 mA remote control signal, or local manual control. Mounting options include a motor flange attachment or a removable bracket. Available in standard or custom configurations, the pump has a flow rate up to 0.85 gpm and can handle a maximum differential pressure of 100 psi. MICROPUMP INC., Vancouver, WA. (360) 253-2008.


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