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PWM Motor Driver IC Takes To The Road

The A3965 dual full-bridge pulse-width modulation (PWM) motor driver IC incorporates two DMOS H-bridges capable of output currents to ±500 mA. The unit handles motor-supply operating voltages of 6 to 20 V. The DMOS output transistors have a low on-resistance rating for low power dissipation. Capable of 2.85- to 5.5-V logic supply operation, the IC is compatible with portable and battery-operated systems. A sleep mode yields minimum power consumption and increased battery life. When not driving a motor, the sleep mode disables all circuitry and typically draws less than 1 µA from motor and logic supply. In a PWM mode, the fixed-frequency ON pulses of each H-bridge are 180° out of phase to minimize the peak demand required of the motor supply. The A3965 comes in a 24-lead plastic small-outline IC package with a copper batwing tab. It targets office automation, computer peripheral, and portable consumer applications. In 1000-unit quantities, it costs $2.08 each with a four-week lead time.

Allegro MicroSystems Inc.
www.allegromicro.com; (508) 853-5000

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