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Quad 16-Bit DAC Offers Open-Loop Output

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Low power, low cost and small size are all features of the DAC7644, a quad, 16-bit D/A converter designed for use in automatic test equipment, valve drivers, data acquisition systems, closed-loop servo control, DAC-per-pin programmers, and motor control applications. The device's open-loop output structure allows high-current buffers to be put within the loop for high accuracy power driver applications such as flow and pressure control. The voltage output chip offer unipolar or bipolar operation, low power, fast settling time, and guaranteed 15-bit linearity and monotonicity over the -40°C to 85°C temperature range. It accepts 16-bit parallel input data, has double-buffered DAC input logic, provides a readback mode of internal input registers, and operates from a single 5V supply.

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