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RadHard PWM Controller Seeks Satellite Apps

Described as RadHard-by-Design, the low-power, high-speed PWM5031 PWM controller is aimed at military, defense and commercial satellite markets. Designed to meet radiation tolerance, the device is optimized for dc/dc converter applications featuring buck, flyback, boost and other topologies, as well as driving motors that require PWM control. Differentiating features of the PWM5031 are a proven RadHard CMOS process that yields 100 Krads(Si) and SEU of 80 MeVcm2/gm, low quiescent power dissipation of 20 mW, and a shutdown logic feature. The device is available in a 24-pin, 0.6” x 0.3” x 0.13”, hermetic ceramic gull lead package, with MIL-PRF-38534 screening up to Class K. Prototypes are available now with production units in Q1 of 2006. The PWM5031-S Class K screened product is $525 each/100. AEROFLEX PLAINVIEW, Plainview, NY. (719) 594-8035.


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