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Relay Accommodates 42V Automotive Systems

Suitable for controlling lamps, motors or solenoids in 42V cars, SUVs and trucks, the FBR580 relay has a current capacity of 20A for 3 minutes. In a single contact configuration, the power relay has a maximum switching current of 9A at 42 Vdc, and is rated at 6A at 42V for 30,000 operations, locked motor load. The relay is available as two Form C relays mounted in a single package. And for high current applications, such as in heated or deicing windshields, the device can be configured in a series double-make configuration to provide a 2.8 mm contact gap rated at 30A/42V resistive or 20A/42V locked motor loads. The twin relay package weighs 18g and measures 26 mm x 20mm x 17mm with an operating temperature range of -40¡C to 85¡C. Price is $2.50 each/10,000.


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