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Remote Circuit Breaker Exceeds MIL-PRF-83383

The RCCB 4930 lays claim to being the only remote control circuit breaker that meets and exceeds the life-cycle requirements of MIL-PRF-83383. It is a single-pole, remote-controlled circuit breaker with temperature compensation and is available in various current ratings ranging from 5A to 100A and voltage ratings of 115 Vac/400 Hz and 28 Vdc. Life span is better than 50,000 actuations for both inductive and resistive loads. Instead of passing current through a metal spring, the signal and control circuit is actuated via a bi-stable, linear motor. This switch design is said to reduce mechanical wear and avoids aging. Other features include consistent trip curve characteristics from -54°C to +71ºC, a maximum altitude of 15 km, and the ability to withstand up to 25g of mechanical shock and 10g vibration. Price is $600 each in volume. E-T-A CIRCUIT BREAKERS, Chicago, IL. (800) 462-9979.


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