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Rotary Electric Encoder Quells Problems

Utilizing an advanced technology, the Sine/Cosine Rotary Electric Encoder promises a non-contacting, full-rotation absolute output with no index pulse, no quadrature issues, and no need for homing at start up. In operation, a toothed, dielectric rotor attached to the rotating shaft is positioned between a stationary time-modulated, space-patterned field transmitter and field receiver. The electric field is space modulated in response to the shaft rotation angle resulting in dc, sine and cosine signals after demodulation.Features include a 20-bit resolution, an accuracy up to 16 bits, a power consumption as low as 50 µW, immunity to RFI/EMI, and a profile of less than 10 mm. In addition, the encoder claims to have no speed/resolution trade-offs up to 30,000 rpm and to be more durable than optical encoders. For more details, call NETZER PRECISION MOTION SENSORS, LTD., Smithtown, NY. (631) 360-5648.


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