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Rotary Piezo Motors Offer High Torque And Precision

Using the company’s patented Squiggle micro-motor technology, two new rotary piezoelectric motors are optimized for high torque and precision. The SQR-2.4 measures 2.4 by 2.4 mm, has a 0.10° resolution and a stall torque of 0.6 mN-m. The SQR-4.6 measures 4.6 by 4.6 mm, has a 0.06° resolution and a stall torque of 3.0 mN-m. Both devices feature a speed of 60 rpm. The Squiggle motor design uses piezoelectric plates that are activated to generate ultrasonic vibrations in a hollow metal stator tube. These vibrations directly drive a rotor in the tube using friction as the driving force. By eliminating the need for gear-reduction mechanisms, this design enables direct-drive rotary motors with very small size, high peak torque at sustained speeds, high holding torque, and high precision without windup or backlash. The company’s rotary piezo motors can be optimized for other design parameters, including smaller size or higher speeds. NEW SCALE TECHNOLOGIES INC., Victor, NY. (585) 924-4450.


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