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Rotary Switch Includes Variable Speed Operation

Touting variable speed operation, a new series of rotary ac switch has three major functions. It serves as a main power switch; as the switch is rotated into the on position, it enters the variable-speed function; and, it remains within the variable speed through the middle travel points of the control. The third function is a high-speed bypass to provide full power to the unit. The variable-speed capability of the switch is achieved by phase-controlling power delivered to the motor. Coupled with the addition of an externally mounted power semiconductor with an external heat sink, the company’s stepped-speed technology increases the reliability of the control. Lead wires are welded internally to provide a superior electrical connection. This connection can withstand more handling than traditional poke-in terminal connections, the company says, preventing problems associated with wire retention and handling after wire insertion. The switch accepts AWG#18 lead wires and features threaded bush mounting.

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