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Rugged IGBTs Offer Hard Switching Speeds Up To 150 kHz

Manufactured using Non-Punch Through (NPT) technology is a family of Thunderbolt IGBTs rated for 10A to 30A that provide extremely fast switching speeds and are capable of hard switching up to 150 kHz, without sacrificing ruggedness. In addition to having a 10-µs Short Circuit Safe Operating Area, the devices are avalanche energy rated and all have a low typical collector-emitter on voltage of 2.0V with a maximum of 2.5V. And all of the devices are rated at 600V collector-emitter breakdown voltage.The 15A and 30A devices are also available as a COMBI, with an anti-parallel fast recovery diode included. All Thunderbolt IGBTs are capable of replacing MOSFETs in hard switching applications up to 150 kHz or in resonant topologies up to 300 kHz. Applications include PFC pre-regulators, dc-to-dc converters, inverters, switchmode power supplies, UPSs, battery chargers, and motor drives.


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