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Sanyo Picks Actel FPGA For Servo Position Detector

Sanyo Denki Co. Ltd. is using the Actel Fusion mixed-signal FPGA in Sanyo’s new RA035 position-detection device (encoder) for servo motors in industrial applications. The 600,000-gate AFS600 device serves as the main process circuit, converting signals from the resolver into position data. The FPGA cuts power consumption by more than 50% versus alternative solutions, while reducing hazardous waste and eliminating the need for maintenance by enabling detection of the absolute motor position without a battery, according to Actel.

The RA035 is a resolver-method absolute encoder. The resolution is 131,072 divisions per rotation and the measuring range of multiple rotations is 65,536.

Following the successful development of the RA035, Sanyo Denki is considering the installation of mixed-signal Fusion FPGAs in future products, said Actel. The company is also evaluating Actel’s ARM processor-enabled FPGAs for its next-generation designs.



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