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Seal Tester Employs Unique In-line Air Tightness Checker

For saving time and labor costs, the SealTester embarks as a rugged instrument that checks packaging for air and gas tightness in-line. The system promises a high level of dependability and consistency when checking for air or gas leaks without any loss of the product being tested. It uses a servo control to direct its six servo motors. The servo control manipulates three measuring belts in such a way that the flexible bags in the production line do not collide with each other nor with the belts. The first measuring belt administers pressure on a bag and its thickness is registered. Pressure is constantly adjustable using a touch screen. The second measuring belt exerts pressure on the bag that is greater than the first measurement. If the bag has a leak, air or gas will escape from the packaging at this point. The third measuring belt will repeat the exact registration of the first measuring belt. If the bag is airtight, no gas or air will have escaped from the bag after passing the second measuring belt. If there is a difference between the results of the first measuring belt and the third measuring belt, the bag will automatically be rejected from the line. For further information, call SARTORIUS MECHATRONICS CORP., Bohemia, NY. (631) 254-4249.


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